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Keep On Shining Card

4 May

My friend Vanessa got a new job as an adjunct professor at the local college and I made her a card to congratulate her on the new job.  I used my Simon Says Stamp kit from April to make the card.


Sugar and Spice Crafty Challenge #4

27 Apr

I am joining my very first challenge and it is Sugar and Spice Crafty Challenge #4. The theme is April Showers Bring May Flowers.

I went with the showers portion of the theme since it is supposed to rain tomorrow. ūüė¶



Here is the link to the challenge is you wish to join:


Puppy Love

19 Feb

This is me after a full day of taking pictures of dogs at the local dog warden’s Puppy Love event.¬† I was so worn out from all the excitement of taking hundreds of pictures of so many cute dogs.

Here are some my favorites from yesterday:

There were 34 dogs up for adoption, and at the end of the day 20 dogs had been spoken for!

Capture Your 365 + 1: Black and White

11 Feb

I was excited about this prompt because I really like black and white photos.  It is odd how the deletion of color can sometimes communicate a different story or deliver a unique perspective.  This is a picture of my favorite subject Bella Bear trying very hard not to fall asleep.  When I converted this picture into black and white it made me think that Bella was  very woeful and forlorn.


8 Feb

I don’t normally write about food, but I had to write about this because I made it and it was actually tasty!!!¬† I ate lunch at a Mexican grocery store/restaurant earlier in the week, and I bought the ingredients for tostadas.¬† I was craving some refried black beans but I hate the kind from the can (icky texture and taste), so I decided to make my own.¬† I pulled a Sandra Lee and made my refried beans the semi-homemade way.¬† I browned some chorizo, onion and garlic and added a can of black beans to this concoction.¬† I let it simmer for about fifteen minutes and put the mix into my¬† blender.¬† They were so much better than canned refried beans (even though I did use canned black beans).¬† They were probably also healthier because I was able to control the amount of fat that went into them.

I’m slowly learning that I need to keep trying to cook even though I fail three out of four times.¬† When something is tasty it almost erases the memory of past failures.

Faux Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

4 Jan

I desperately needed a break from the baby shower madness that has consumed my life, so instead of doing something productive, like clean the pigsty I call home, I decided instead to do something crafty.¬† I know, big surprise.¬† I knew I wanted to make my boyfriend’s niece a birthday card since we are going to her birthday party today.¬†¬† I made her a castle shaped card on my Cricut, but like many things in my life, it did not turn out as expected.¬† It ended up being about two inches wide by three inches tall.¬† Waaay¬†too small, even for a four-year old.¬† So it’s going to be a gift tag instead.


To make up for the inadequacy of my birthday card, I decided the birthday girl needed a tiara.¬† I mean, what girl doesn’t need a tiara, especially on her birthday?¬† I cut out all the pieces for the tiara on my Cricut, and as I was about to put the faux paper jewels on it, I remembered my secret stash of real faux jewels and used those instead of the crappy paper jewels I was going to use.

Once again I apologize for the lighting, but there is only so much light available during the winter months in northwest Ohio.¬† Bleh!¬† I really like the end result, and I hope the birthday girl does to.¬† If she doesn’t then tant pis, as the French would say.¬† I’ll just keep it for myself, and wear it when the tiara wearing mood strikes me.

PS.  Tant pis = oh well

Frita Batidos

10 Dec

I spent a wonderful day shopping at IKEA and then stopped at a¬†restaurant I have been wanting to eat at.¬† It’s called Frita¬†Batidos, and if you are in the Ann Arbor area, it has AMAZING food.

The food is Cuban inspired, and even if you aren’t a fan of Cuban food (and how you can’t like Cuban food is beyond me, but to each their own) you will still find something you like.¬† The batidos,¬†which are milkshakes, are sooo¬†yummy and rich they could be a meal in and of themselves.¬† I ordered a coconut cream batido, and it was really¬†coconut-y.¬† If you are on the fence about coconut, it would probably be too much for you.¬† I would sleep in a bed of coconut if I could, so it was just coconut-y enough for me.¬† My friend ordered a passionfruit batido, and I think I liked that flavor even better, because it was not quite as sweet as the coconut.

I also ordered the Inspired Cuban, which as the description states has: “aromatic roast pork, thick cut bacon, tasso¬†ham, gruyere, cornichons¬†and spicy chipotle mayo on Cuban bread.”¬† I initially thought the $12 price tag was a little steep, but after I tasted it, I realized it was the best $12 I have spent in a long while.

The bacon was deliciously thick as promised, and the spicy mayo had some real kick to it.¬† Even though I’m stuffed as¬†I write this, my mouth is still watering as I think about the yummy-ness of this sandwich.¬† Ugh, I’m such a pig.

Wish I Was Here…

5 Dec

Corsica 2003

WordPress I hate you.

26 Nov

I wrote a really long post last night, and for some reason it is deleted, or is not showing.  Does anybody know why?  GRRRRRRR!

Beach Themed Bridal Shower Sneak Peek

22 Nov

I have set my goal to blog at least once daily for the next month….we’ll see how long this lasts.¬† I just edited the pictures from my friend Jen’s bridal shower and wanted to share a picture.

I will have an upcoming post where I will share the rest of the pictures and some of the DIY projects I made for the bridal shower.

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