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Capture Your 365 + 1: Leap

29 Feb

Today’s prompt was leap.  Since I wasn’t about to leap and take a picture of myself in the process, I decided that my cat would be the perfect volunteer for the task.  (If you haven’t figured it out yet, I live alone and she is my ONLY volunteer.)  After all, there is nothing more graceful than a feline in motion. We also had some abnormally warm weather so I hoped the great outdoors would be the perfect backdrop for our little photo shoot.

I outfitted Valley with a stylish trench coat and planned on letting nature entice Valley into motion.  As you can probably guess, my plans went quickly down the shitter.

The only motion I saw was that of my arm pulling on the leash to get her to step foot on the grass.  When she did deign herself to move, it was to head back to the door and wait to be let in.

Human you know what I want.  Now.

Human I hate you with the passion of a thousand suns.

She finally loosened up a little, but not enough to actually move with any speed approximating a leap.

Human you will pay for this when I drop a stinky poo and I step in it and your white couch.

Como se dice “Payback’s a bitch”?

Maybe there is something to this “nature” thing…


Pinterest Fail

14 Feb

So I’m a religious Pinterest-er, and I saw this picture the other day:

Pinterest Kitties

I thought it looked  like a pretty easy, cute thing to do for Valentine’s Day.  I thought that my normally easy-going cat would fully cooperate in order to appease her master.  How little I know about the inner workings of this creature because she was anything but easy-going.

So instead of an adorable kitty with a heart on its head, I got an angry kitty, with a heart kind of on its head.

She promptly let out one of her infamous, putrid-smelling farts.  She showed me who was boss–She might be six pounds, but she won’t be pushed around!

Capture Your 365 + 1: With a Heart On It

12 Feb

It seems I have been on a black and white kick lately, but today I am doing a bit of color as well.  One of the prompts last week for the Capture Your 365+ 1 project was with a heart on it.  My cat Valley, short for Valentine, is named after the heart shaped spot on her side.  It is sometimes hard to spot if you don’t know where to look for it.

The heart is such a fitting mark for her because she is the most loving creature I’ve ever met.  She is sweet to the point of being saccharine sometimes.  The only time she is a pain in the butt is when she wakes me up before my alarm goes off.  Or when she drops one of her lethal kitty farts.  They smell like they emanated from a 300 lb. truck driver after a dinner at a truck stop buffet.  Baaaaad.

So in honor of Valentine’s Day I decided to jazz up her heart with a Sharpie.  Don’t worry they are non-toxic, I checked.

Don’t those eyes scream undying love?

Capture Your 365 + 1: Folded

17 Jan

Today’s prompt is folded, and nothing has more folds than a wrinkly sphynx kitty!  With the amount of cat related posts on here, I feel like I am making myself out to be some crazy cat lady that spies on the neighborhood kids and yells at them when they step on my lawn, but I swear I’m not!  I actually have discovered that I’m not a cat person, but I keep her around because my boyfriend absolutely loves her.  (I might be more fond of her than I let on as well.)

Here she is in all her creepy glory.

Framed by a Doorway

6 Jan

Today’s prompt is framed by a doorway.  As soon as I read this, I thought of my sphynx Valley.  More specifically, I thought of Valley when she, um, relieves herself, and how funny I think she looks framed by her litter box.  I stalked her all day trying to capture that magical moment when she puts her two front paws on the edge of the box and sticks her head out.

Alas, she was onto me and ran out of the box every time she saw me approach.  All I was able to capture was her giving me the stink eye from her litter box.

My Funny Little Valentine

3 Dec

I wanted to share some pictures of my sphynx Valley on this blog, since I’m pretty sure my Facebook friends are tired of seeing cat pictures on their feeds.  She is a four year old calico sphynx, with a distinctive heart shape on her back, hence the name Valentine. Can you spot it in the picture below?

Here she is snuggling with our pet “dog” Bella.  My boyfriend gave me this stuffed dog the day I had to ship my dog to my parents. 😥

Even though Valley aggravates me often (that’s another story), I think it’s adorable that she snuggles with the dog.  She even kneads it before she settles down for a nap.  Seriously cute stuff to watch.

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