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Rosette Banner Sneak Peek

27 Jan

I’m working on a banner for a friend, and I’m getting excited about how it’s turning out.   Here is a sneak peek of what I’m working on:

Magnetic Medicine Cabinet Makeover

26 Jan

So I was perusing the internet during class yesterday, and saw an idea for a magnetic board for your makeup.  It was a magnetic sheet covered in fabric and the makeup had magnets glued on it.  I was all set to make a magnetic board with fabric and a frame, but when I came home I realized my old “vintage” medicine cabinet is actually made of metal!! I stuck some magnetic tape that I had lying around onto some of my makeup but that was not strong enough.  I had to wait until today, and I scurried to Wal-Mart during my lunch break to buy some magnet “buttons”.  The cashier asked me if I was working on crafts, and when I told her what I was scheming, she looked at me like I was a genius.  Lady I had the same look on my face yesterday when I came across the idea.

I started working on my project as soon as I got home.  I should have been reading for my classes I have to go to later this evening, but who cares about school anyway!  People that take law school seriously have issues.

Here is what the package of magnets looks like in case you were wondering:

52 buttons!!!! I can hardly contain myself!  (FYI-I’m mocking the person that added an exclamation point to a package of magnets.)

My makeup before I magnetized it:

My makeup after:

Here is my medicine cabinet before its makeover:

Please don’t judge me.  I already know I’m a pig.

My makeup was constantly on the precarious brink of taking a four-foot tumble onto the floor.  I lost quite a few eye shadows and blushes to that cabinet.  But my days of powdery messes are (hopefully) over!


I even put an empty magnet on the side of the cabinet to catch those random clips and bobby pins that my cat likes to swat off the counter.

I also used a little of the magnet tape to glue on my tweezers to keep them from getting lost.  I need to keep those pesky stray white eyebrows in check at all times!

I still need a lot more organizing to do in that bathroom, but nonetheless, this felt like a small victory in my never-ending battle with clutter.

DIY Printables on Picnik

13 Jan

I discovered this tutorial about how to make your own printable using Picnik.  It will be something I will add to my arsenal of activities to help me procrastinate.  Not that I needed any more, but variety is the spice of life as they say.

I am helping my friend decorate her last wedding reception.  Yes, I said last.  The girl has gotten more married to one person than anyone I know.  Two ceremonies, two dresses and two receptions.   I guess if you have to spend the rest of your life with one person, you might as well go out with a bang, or two.  🙂

She is understandably on a budget, so there are a ton of projects that we I want to make.  I will have more posts on all those projects in the future.  I used Picnik to create several versions of the couple’s monogram that I plan on using (if the bride likes it).  Is it still called a monogram if it is just the initial of your last name?  That doesn’t sound right, but let’s go with monogram for the sake of simplicity.

This is option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:Option 5:

I have no idea if she will like any of them, but if she doesn’t they can be edited very easily.  I hope you try this awesome free program and would love to see what you come up with!

Faux Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

4 Jan

I desperately needed a break from the baby shower madness that has consumed my life, so instead of doing something productive, like clean the pigsty I call home, I decided instead to do something crafty.  I know, big surprise.  I knew I wanted to make my boyfriend’s niece a birthday card since we are going to her birthday party today.   I made her a castle shaped card on my Cricut, but like many things in my life, it did not turn out as expected.  It ended up being about two inches wide by three inches tall.  Waaay too small, even for a four-year old.  So it’s going to be a gift tag instead.


To make up for the inadequacy of my birthday card, I decided the birthday girl needed a tiara.  I mean, what girl doesn’t need a tiara, especially on her birthday?  I cut out all the pieces for the tiara on my Cricut, and as I was about to put the faux paper jewels on it, I remembered my secret stash of real faux jewels and used those instead of the crappy paper jewels I was going to use.

Once again I apologize for the lighting, but there is only so much light available during the winter months in northwest Ohio.  Bleh!  I really like the end result, and I hope the birthday girl does to.  If she doesn’t then tant pis, as the French would say.  I’ll just keep it for myself, and wear it when the tiara wearing mood strikes me.

PS.  Tant pis = oh well

Low Cost Damask & Hot Pink Centerpieces

3 Dec

A friend is having a wedding reception in January, and her colors are hot pink, black, and damask.  I know damask isn’t a color but you understand what I mean right?  She put together three different versions of centerpieces.  These centerpieces are a low-cost option since the vases and the black river rock are from the Dollar Tree, the flowers are from Michaels, and the candle used in one of the centerpieces is from Scentsy.  The Scentsy candles part isn’t cheap, but you could substitute  it for any pillar candle.

This is the Dollar Tree vase that she used:

I love this vase because it is sleek, simple and can be used in many different ways.  See my post on how I used these vases.

She originally wanted to use hot pink gerbera daisies:

(I apologize for the quality of these pictures but they were taken on a cell phone.  Ick.)  This version was too bare for her taste, so she added some white filler flowers:

She didn’t like this version either, so she chucked the flowers all together and stuck a pillar candle in the vase.

This was the version she liked best:

She deliberated whether to have white, black or silver candles in the vases, but in the end she settled on hot pink.  Yay for hot pink!

I suggested using scrapbook paper around the vases to jazz them up (and keep costs low).  She picked out this paper, and the grosgrain ribbon from Michael’s.  On a side note, we spent a good three hours on one of the expeditions to buy the supplies for these centerpieces, just to find out our coupons were not valid until the next day.  D’oh!  Note to self, check date on coupon before going.

The flowers on the ribbon are from the scrapbooking section at Michael’s.  The jar they came in had a pretty flower all put together, but in reality you have to put these suckers together.  It was a pain in the ass to assemble 12 of these, especially the stamens.

This centerpiece, without the candle, probably cost about $4.  The total cost would depend on what candle you go with.  Michael’s always has 40% coupons, so if you  don’t mind pillar candles from Michael’s, this might be a lower cost option for these centerpieces.  I know they have pillar candles at the Dollar Tree as well, but I have never been a fan of them.  They just look cheap.  Which they are, but unlike other things from the dollar store, these really do look like they came from there.  But that’s my humble opinion.

So what would you have picked??

Baby Shower-Cupcake Toppers

30 Nov

True to the name of my blog, I have been procrastinating like crazy.  Or rather like a moron, because I NEED to study for finals.  I am waaaay stressed, and I have indulged in some crafting to release some tension.  I might have also indulged in some shopping to alleviate the stress, but that is a different story. 

I created these cupcake toppers for my brother and future SIL’s baby shower.  The theme is “Cute as a Button.”  I tried making the bows on the babies a brighter shade of red and blue, but alas, you can only go so dark when chalking.  I added a button at the last-minute, and like how it adds texture.

Now, on to the invitations for this shower.  They have been causing me major stress because I did not like the way they turned out.  I might have to move on to a plan b, because I would hate to send out invitations that look amateurish, and homemade.  In my head I keep thinking, “They’re all going to laugh at you!”  What is that from?  SNL, Chris Farley?  Ehh, I will post the invites later.


P.S. I uploaded this on Pinterest.

Balloon Luminaries

4 Jun

I came across these luminaries, and although they are in Fourth of July colors, I thought they would be great for a beachy-themed wedding or party.  They seem relatively easy to make and like a fun weekend project.   They can also be easily customized to fit the colors of your theme/party.  I think they would help set the perfect ambiance with the diffused glow they give off.

Balloon Luminaries

You can go here and watch a short video on how to make these cuties.

Unique Wedding Guestbook

4 Jun

I came across Oh Lovely Day  and absolutely love her idea of having Jenga as a wedding guest book!  It would be great for a couple that loves board games or just wants something different from regular (boooring) wedding guest book. 

Jenga wedding guestbook from Oh Lovely Day


Jenga wedding guestbook from Oh Lovely Day

Easy Damask Decor

31 Mar

I am trying to finish decorating my damask themed bedroom and decided I needed some decorative vases to spruce up the place.  I wanted an easy, cheap project that I could finish quickly so I decided to use my old friends vellum and double-stick tape!  I bought two of these vases at the dollar store:

I googled “damask” and sorted through the images until I found one that I liked.  I copied it to a Word document and stretched it out as much as I could.  I printed out a test image to wrap around my vase and adjusted my image to fit perfectly around it.  Then I printed my final image out on a sheet of vellum I had laying around.  I did not bother trimming the excess, and as a result my vases have some added height!  I secured the edges with some double stick tape and this was the end result:

I had planned on filling the vase with some river rocks to weigh it down since I did not want my cat to knock it down, but alas I could not find my rocks.  😦  I had an LED votive I placed inside, and I love the soft glow produced by the vellum.

Ribbon Printing Tutorial

20 Mar

During my research for cheap, easy DIY projects, I found a tutorial for ribbon printing.  Here is my first attempt at printing on ribbon:

All you need for this project is:

  • paper
  • ribbon
  • double stick tape
  • inkjet printer

Print out a test page of whatever you wish to print on the ribbon. Keep in mind that your text must fit whatever width of ribbon you have. Once you are satisfied with the text, place your ribbon over the text and attach to the paper with double stick tape.

Run the paper through your printer and be prepared to be amazed!

I would not recommend using mesh-y type ribbon (first ribbon), because the ink did not show up on it.  I was in a rush to get the project finished so I did not wash and iron my ribbon like the other tutorial suggested.  If you wish to iron your ribbon first, I’ve found that a hair straightener is a quick, easy way to iron your ribbon.

There are endless possibilities with totally customizable ribbon! The candle I used is from the dollar store. I wrapped it with a strip of cardstock and then layered the ribbon on top using double stick tape to secure it. It still needs further jazzing up, but thus far it is a dirt cheap element that can be added to any wedding, bridal shower, etc.

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