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Baby Shower Virgin No More!

6 Jan

Over the winter break I hosted my first baby shower ever.  My family and I had a small baby shower for my brother and his fiancé, and since the baby’s sex is still unknown, we settled on a rainbow palette with a button theme.  I would have liked more time (and money) to prepare, but you don’t always get what you want.  I also had finals and Christmas shopping to worry about, so needless to say I was preeeety stressed these past few weeks.

After picking a color palette and theme, I designed some invitations on Publisher.  I had planned on sending the invites out in a postcard, but after I printed them out, I was not satisfied with the result. 

My mother also informed me that she would be handing out most of the invitations, so I decided to doctor them up since I would not have to worry about mailing them.  Here is what I came up with for the invitations that were hand-delivered:

It has the original postcard invitation inside the envelope, and a real button on the upper right hand corner.  The invitations that I mailed out had a paper button instead.   The colors aren’t exactly rainbow-hued, but I couldn’t find any paper pads that were appropriately rainbow-colored.

As for the decorations for the shower, I knew I wouldn’t find anything in my color palette or theme, so I had to make everything myself.  I used my Cricut for most of it, and it really made me wish I had the Expression instead of the Create.  If I had to do another shower like this, I would definitely invest the $250 and buy the bigger machine.  I think $250 isn’t much to pay for the sake of my sanity.

The banner I made (I have a previous post with the full banner) says “Cute as a Button”.  In retrospect I would have only put two holes in the “button” circles instead of the four I used, because they sort of look like bowling balls!  It bugged me to no end every time I looked at it.

I made my first diaper cake, and it too, could have turned out better, but what can I say, diaper cakes are not my thing.  It will hopefully be the first and last diaper cake I make.

Those eyeball looking things were supposed to be flowers.  Yeah, fail on the flowers.

My mom made the huge button at the top of the cake with some type of homemade clay/dough.  It is made with cornstarch, glue and vaseline and it hardens with time.  The letters on the button were a biotch to get off the page they came on.  Each little crystal is glued to the next, so if you pulled too hard you could say sayonara to the letter.

My mother also made the favors, which were decorated cookies.  These cookies gave my mother palpitations because the royal icing just would not dry.  The icing dried for a day, yet was still tacky to the touch.  We put fans on them, used a blow dryer (on the cool setting of course) but nothing would get the tackiness to go away.  In the end, my mom dipped them in sugar and we were able to package them without ruining the bag or the cookie.

I made the tags to close the bags with (I also have a previous post on them), and my lovely friend Bree helped me put the embroidery floss and buttons on them.

I also made some mint matchbooks to go on the favor table.

The back of the matchbooks said “Thank you for celebrating with us.   It “mint” a lot to us.”  Nothing like a corny pun to celebrate new life. 🙂

My mom’s friend was nice enough to make chocolate covered Oreos.  These were really yummy!

Here is the gift table:

I made the card “box” which was really just a basket with a “Cards” sign stuck in it.  My boyfriend called it the “Carlos” box because he kept thinking that is what it said.

I also made some “Well Wishes for Baby” and “Advice for the Parents To Be” cards for the guests to fill out.  I will bind the responses into a book for the parents to be.  If I ever procreate, I want someone to do this for me because you get some really touching and hilarious responses from your guests.  I will post about the finished product when I finish it…hopefully before the baby is born.

Here are the tables with the centerpieces and button confetti on them:

We had guests use the buttons we scattered on the tables as bingo markers.  Thankfully, nobody hurled buttons at anybody else as I had feared.

My friend Marisa was nice enough to lend us her mom’s custom-made cupcake stands, and help me set up the cupcakes.

I did not have any ribbon that was wide enough to replace the polka-dotted ribbon, but I still like the look of the whole thing.

All in all, it was great to see friends we had not seen in years.  My childhood friend was able to stop by and she brought her newly hatched son!  She graciously let my brother practice his daddy skills and carry little Jaxson:

Too bad he didn’t need a diaper change because I’m sure my brother could have used the practice!

Baby Shower Banner

14 Dec

I have been working like my behind is on the line, in order to get everything I need to get done in time for my brother’s baby shower.   I was cutting out shapes on the Cricut yesterday, and had a sudden moment of being incredibly overwhelmed.  It seems every time I work on a project I come to the sudden realization and think to myself, “holy crap, am I really going to get this done, or should I buy everything and have a cookie cutter party?”  I usually choose to finish my projects, but that moment always scares the crap out of me.  I decided to call my two friends Jen and Bree, to see if they would be willing to help me finish up some projects for this shower.  They thankfully both came to my rescue, and helped me finish up a ton of stuff.  Love you guys!!  Here is a peek of what we worked on:

The banner says “Cute as a Button” but it’s hard to make out in this picture.  I should have waited until there was daylight, but I’ll do it later.  It is still missing a couple of details but for the most part, it is getting crossed off the to-do list.

This is one example of the centerpieces I plan on using at the baby shower.  I don’t know the setup (table-wise)  yet, so I figured my best bet would be to make a lot of small centerpieces.  These are not done, but they give you a general idea of the direction I’m heading.  I tried incorporating my button theme and using rainbow colors on everything.  The button on the binky looks like it’s black, but it’s a deep purple.

Overall, I had a great time crafting with my friends, and I feel like I got a handle on things.  I rarely get to craft with my friends, so it was a nice change of pace.  Thank you Jen and Bree!

Button Favor Tags

9 Dec

Now that finals are almost over, besides feeling like the weight of the world is no longer on my shoulders, I have to work on finalizing the items I need for my brother’s baby shower.

I was originally going to make round favor tags, but after going through several prototypes, none of which I liked, I settled on this.

I cut the “Thank You” with my Cricut, and then ran each.and.every.single.word through my Xyron machine.  Thank goodness I have the five-inch machine, because putting all the words through the small machine would have made me lose my marbles.  I’ve got to hang on tight to the few I have left.

On a side note, watching Teen Mom 2 makes me want to throw marbles at my TV.  If I had a child, and they called me a “stupid bitch” on national television, I would wonder where the hell I went wrong.  Seriously though, Janelle, the one that’s been arrested a couple of times, should have gotten a good spanking when she was a child.  Or at least a bar of soap in the mouth.

Back to the Xyron.  We have a love/hate relationship.  I love the fact that I can turn anything into a sticker, but I hate that if you don’t trace around your object, you will end up with pieces of adhesive around the shape.  The adhesive equivalent of a stage-five clinger if you will.  Because I loath these little adhesive clingers, I will burnish around the shape.  Repeatedly.  It took foreeeever to burnish around forty thank yous.

I finished off the tag by wrapping embroidery floss around the tag and tied a button in the middle.  I will staple/tape these puppies to the top of the favor bags.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these look good in the end, because it was a lot of work for these favors to end up looking crappy.  TTFN!


Baby Shower-Cupcake Toppers

30 Nov

True to the name of my blog, I have been procrastinating like crazy.  Or rather like a moron, because I NEED to study for finals.  I am waaaay stressed, and I have indulged in some crafting to release some tension.  I might have also indulged in some shopping to alleviate the stress, but that is a different story. 

I created these cupcake toppers for my brother and future SIL’s baby shower.  The theme is “Cute as a Button.”  I tried making the bows on the babies a brighter shade of red and blue, but alas, you can only go so dark when chalking.  I added a button at the last-minute, and like how it adds texture.

Now, on to the invitations for this shower.  They have been causing me major stress because I did not like the way they turned out.  I might have to move on to a plan b, because I would hate to send out invitations that look amateurish, and homemade.  In my head I keep thinking, “They’re all going to laugh at you!”  What is that from?  SNL, Chris Farley?  Ehh, I will post the invites later.


P.S. I uploaded this on Pinterest.

“Cute as a Button” Baby Shower

18 Nov

I found out last week that I am going to be an aunt!

I am excited to be throwing my brother and his girlfriend a baby shower next month. The baby’s sex is not known, so the baby shower had to be unisex, and since it’s a co-ed baby shower, not too girly/baby-shower like. I decided on a “Cute as a Button” theme. I have scoured the internet looking for ideas, and I have found some great stuff. I am using primary, rainbow-ish colors, inspired by some oversized buttons I found. So far I have been working on a button garland and button flower arrangements. We will see what else I come up with in the next month!

Button Garland and Flowers
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