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8 Feb

I don’t normally write about food, but I had to write about this because I made it and it was actually tasty!!!  I ate lunch at a Mexican grocery store/restaurant earlier in the week, and I bought the ingredients for tostadas.  I was craving some refried black beans but I hate the kind from the can (icky texture and taste), so I decided to make my own.  I pulled a Sandra Lee and made my refried beans the semi-homemade way.  I browned some chorizo, onion and garlic and added a can of black beans to this concoction.  I let it simmer for about fifteen minutes and put the mix into my  blender.  They were so much better than canned refried beans (even though I did use canned black beans).  They were probably also healthier because I was able to control the amount of fat that went into them.

I’m slowly learning that I need to keep trying to cook even though I fail three out of four times.  When something is tasty it almost erases the memory of past failures.

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