DIY Portable Photobooth

30 Jan

My friend and I teamed up to make a photobooth for our friends’ wedding reception.  We used the instructions found here.  The tutorial also has a link to the website we bought the three and four-way joints.  I looked at many home improvement stores and even plumbing stores, and could not find the four-way joints.

Here is a picture of the cut pieces of PVC pipe:

We assembled it to make sure it was going to work before we moved on to spray paint the pieces and sew the curtain that would go outside the entire frame.

Next my friend spray painted all the pieces.  He took everything apart, but he suggested leaving it assembled and just spray painting it as it is because he had some trouble getting some of the pipes to fit back into the joints because of the spray paint.

It took about 10 yards of fabric to make the curtain that hung around most of the frame.

Here is Joe pinning the panels together before he sewed them.

He then clamped the panels up on the frame to make sure they would go around the frame and that they were long enough.

I bought some satin ribbon, cut it into four-inch pieces and sewed the top and bottom of the ribbon to the top of the big curtain.

This is me fake smiling.  I was so fed up with the machine bunching up the bottom thread every time I back-stitched.

I used a hot pink piece of fabric to let people know where to enter.  I also sewed loops on the fabric to hang it.

I would suggest using spray paint made for plastic if you want to spray paint the pipes like we did.  We had a lot of scratches on the pipes by the time we finished setting up.  😦

I bought a pair of clamp lights from Lowe’s to light the booth.  We only ended up using one light.

You can see the tabs that hold up the curtain in the picture too.

Overall, it was a pretty easy project.  The only time-consuming part was the sewing, but that is probably because we are both novices.  The software I used, Sparkbooth, can also be set up to take pictures with a DSLR (only Canon).  I have a Nikon, so we had to use a webcam.


One Response to “DIY Portable Photobooth”

  1. Jen February 6, 2012 at 11:02 pm #

    The photobooth as a huge hit!! Thanks for making our reception memorable 🙂

    Btw- thanks for the honorary boob shot! Lol

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