Magnetic Medicine Cabinet Makeover

26 Jan

So I was perusing the internet during class yesterday, and saw an idea for a magnetic board for your makeup.  It was a magnetic sheet covered in fabric and the makeup had magnets glued on it.  I was all set to make a magnetic board with fabric and a frame, but when I came home I realized my old “vintage” medicine cabinet is actually made of metal!! I stuck some magnetic tape that I had lying around onto some of my makeup but that was not strong enough.  I had to wait until today, and I scurried to Wal-Mart during my lunch break to buy some magnet “buttons”.  The cashier asked me if I was working on crafts, and when I told her what I was scheming, she looked at me like I was a genius.  Lady I had the same look on my face yesterday when I came across the idea.

I started working on my project as soon as I got home.  I should have been reading for my classes I have to go to later this evening, but who cares about school anyway!  People that take law school seriously have issues.

Here is what the package of magnets looks like in case you were wondering:

52 buttons!!!! I can hardly contain myself!  (FYI-I’m mocking the person that added an exclamation point to a package of magnets.)

My makeup before I magnetized it:

My makeup after:

Here is my medicine cabinet before its makeover:

Please don’t judge me.  I already know I’m a pig.

My makeup was constantly on the precarious brink of taking a four-foot tumble onto the floor.  I lost quite a few eye shadows and blushes to that cabinet.  But my days of powdery messes are (hopefully) over!


I even put an empty magnet on the side of the cabinet to catch those random clips and bobby pins that my cat likes to swat off the counter.

I also used a little of the magnet tape to glue on my tweezers to keep them from getting lost.  I need to keep those pesky stray white eyebrows in check at all times!

I still need a lot more organizing to do in that bathroom, but nonetheless, this felt like a small victory in my never-ending battle with clutter.

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