Capturing Your 365 + 1

5 Jan

I came across this site today and decided Capturing Your 365 had my name written all over it!  I would love to improve my photography skills and capture those small moments that happen everyday.  Oftentimes there are things that I see and want to photograph for whatever reason, and I don’t because it would just cause more clutter on my computer.  This project creates a focus and direction for all those moments.  I’ve missed the first four days, but I’m not going to lose sleep over it.  Which leads me to another plus about this project.  Capturing Your 365 offers flexibility that greatly appealed to my committment-phobic ass.

Today’s prompt is Resolve.  I immediately thought that I wanted to resolve to be: neater, cleaner, nicer, less stressed, watch less TV, be more organized, scrapbook more, read more, study more, exercise…  Thinking of the never-ending list of things that I could resolve to do better or improve on left me feeling kinda deficient.  As I was taking pictures of my messy apartment, I caught sight of this:


I wrote this on my chalkboard because it is a reminder I need on a frequent basis.  As a perfectionist, I am plagued by the thought that things are never good enough.  They might be adequate, but never as good as I pictured them in my mind.  I think perfectionism is one of the things that most drains my energy and more importantly, my happiness.  So I resolve to be happier and enjoy life to the fullest.  That’s it.   Happiness.

2 Responses to “Capturing Your 365 + 1”

  1. Katrina Kennedy January 5, 2012 at 8:23 pm #

    I’m glad you found us! And so glad you picked such an important thing to RESOLVE to be! It is my One Little Word for 2012 as well!

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