Button Favor Tags

9 Dec

Now that finals are almost over, besides feeling like the weight of the world is no longer on my shoulders, I have to work on finalizing the items I need for my brother’s baby shower.

I was originally going to make round favor tags, but after going through several prototypes, none of which I liked, I settled on this.

I cut the “Thank You” with my Cricut, and then ran each.and.every.single.word through my Xyron machine.  Thank goodness I have the five-inch machine, because putting all the words through the small machine would have made me lose my marbles.  I’ve got to hang on tight to the few I have left.

On a side note, watching Teen Mom 2 makes me want to throw marbles at my TV.  If I had a child, and they called me a “stupid bitch” on national television, I would wonder where the hell I went wrong.  Seriously though, Janelle, the one that’s been arrested a couple of times, should have gotten a good spanking when she was a child.  Or at least a bar of soap in the mouth.

Back to the Xyron.  We have a love/hate relationship.  I love the fact that I can turn anything into a sticker, but I hate that if you don’t trace around your object, you will end up with pieces of adhesive around the shape.  The adhesive equivalent of a stage-five clinger if you will.  Because I loath these little adhesive clingers, I will burnish around the shape.  Repeatedly.  It took foreeeever to burnish around forty thank yous.

I finished off the tag by wrapping embroidery floss around the tag and tied a button in the middle.  I will staple/tape these puppies to the top of the favor bags.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these look good in the end, because it was a lot of work for these favors to end up looking crappy.  TTFN!


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