Beach Themed Bridal Shower Cont-Cupcake Stand and Toppers

7 Dec

I saw this tutorial and wanted to make a stand just like hers, (it’s so damn cute!) but I could not find any candlesticks like the ones in her tutorial.  It forced me to figure something else out, and that’s when inspiration hit.

I used a long piece of threaded rod to separate the tiers on the cupcake stand!  I found the three-foot long rod at Home Depot, and had my bf cut it down to size.  I estimated that I would need about 5 inches between each layer, but I woefully miscalculated.  I didn’t realize how off my estimate was until the day of the shower, when it was too late to fix it.   I failed to take into account the height that the cupcake toppers would add to the cupcakes.  There’s a reason I’m in law school, and it’s mostly because I am very challenged when it comes to math…and common sense…and people skills, but I digress.

I picked out a knob from the cabinet section and made sure that the diameter of my rod would fit the knob.  I screwed the knob on at the very top of the threaded rod so that no one would poke their eye out on it.  I knew there would  be several other future lawyers at this shindig, so I couldn’t afford to have such a big liability on my hands.  Which is also why I didn’t cook anything.

I also picked up a can of berry spray paint, which was the perfect shade of hot pink.  I shopped around for four round melamine plates because I figured melamine would be easier to drill through.  I painted the plates with several layers of my cute berry spray paint.

After your paint dries completely (and don’t let your impatient boyfriend convince you it’s dry enough, you will regret it), you will need to find the center of the plate and drill a hole the size of the diameter of your rod.  You will also need some bolts and washers to keep the plates in place on your threaded rod.  If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, just ask one of the friendly men-folk at the Home Depot.  They’ll find it for you.

The bottom plate would not lay flat on the table because of the bolt under the plate.  My solution to this problem was to set the whole stand on a glass bowl.  I thought about other solutions to this problem, it didn’t come to me until after the shower.  Don’t you hate when that happens?? I will post my solution to this in a later post.

Anyway,  I filled the glass bowl underneath the stand with turquoise rock beads to add some color to it.  I bought some one inch pvc pipe for a different project, and used some of the leftovers to cover the threaded metal rod between the plates.  I found some wood paper at Micheal’s and glued that around the pvc pipe so it would look more finished.

For the cupcake toppers I designed a round topper that had the couple’s name on it.  I punched out the design with a circle punch and used another punch to make some scalloped circles to mat my design.  I glued the circle to the scalloped circle, and then hot glued it all to a bamboo skewer.  I used bamboo skewers because I didn’t have toothpicks the day I made these.  Don’t you love improvisation?!

I was not 100% happy with the end product, but it was my first attempt at making a cupcake stand, and I definitely learned a lot in the process.  I think the cupcake table ended up looking acceptable, even if things did not go according to plan, but such is life.

2 Responses to “Beach Themed Bridal Shower Cont-Cupcake Stand and Toppers”

  1. Jen January 30, 2012 at 7:31 am #

    Thanks for making me famous in the cupcake shot 🙂

    • Jen January 30, 2012 at 7:32 am #

      AND thank you for making my shower memorable…everything was beautiful!

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