Beach Themed Bridal Shower

2 Dec

I had typed up a long detailed post of my friend Jen’s bridal shower, but something happened and none of the content of the post showed up.  So, now I am going to take a short cut and do a picture heavy post.  Picture heavy = Not a lot of writing.

My friend Jen is having a destination wedding in the Bahamas at the end of this month.  Her wedding colors are “malibu” and “watermelon”, the names that David’s Bridal gives to good old hot pink and cerulean blue.  With that in mind, we decided on a beach themed bridal shower, using her wedding colors.  I also used starfish throughout because her invitations and a lot of her wedding stuff has starfish on it.

I made the banner out of paper and ribbon-this was the easiest project ever! The pink fabric in the back is actually the curtains from my living room.  They are held up by a pvc pipe contraption, and I think it did a fabulous job of hiding the hid-e-ous fireplace behind it.  The table is covered with linen curtains from Target.  I had some blue “dupioni” silk fabric that we cut into a square to brighten up the table.  It is actually made of polyester (I think) but it has the look of dupioni silk at like, a quarter of the cost.  Jen, I love ya, but dupioni silk was not in the budget.

I also spray painted a frame in pink, and made a little sign for the card bucket.  Yup, card bucket.  I taped a strip of burlap around a pink ice bucket, matted a blue square, and stuck a white starfish on it. 

The tables were decorated with some hurricane vases with sand, shells and a candle.  We wrapped some raffia around the rim and called it a day.  Jen had some leftover disposable cameras, so we put those on the table as well.  The cups hold pens for guests to fill out the “How Well Do You Know the Bride” game that was on the table.  The table cloths were, you guessed it, curtains.

I spray painted some bigger picture frames so that we could decorate the walls with some of the couple’s engagement pictures.

I also created a Wordle for the couple.  I had the bride-to-be send me a list of words that had meaning to both of them as a couple.  Somehow “rage” is one of the words in the list, right along with “loving”. 

I will save the food and favors for another post.  I realized it would make for a post the length of a thesis if I did it all in one.  And no one wants to read a thesis. 

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