Baby Shower-Cupcake Toppers

30 Nov

True to the name of my blog, I have been procrastinating like crazy.  Or rather like a moron, because I NEED to study for finals.  I am waaaay stressed, and I have indulged in some crafting to release some tension.  I might have also indulged in some shopping to alleviate the stress, but that is a different story. 

I created these cupcake toppers for my brother and future SIL’s baby shower.  The theme is “Cute as a Button.”  I tried making the bows on the babies a brighter shade of red and blue, but alas, you can only go so dark when chalking.  I added a button at the last-minute, and like how it adds texture.

Now, on to the invitations for this shower.  They have been causing me major stress because I did not like the way they turned out.  I might have to move on to a plan b, because I would hate to send out invitations that look amateurish, and homemade.  In my head I keep thinking, “They’re all going to laugh at you!”  What is that from?  SNL, Chris Farley?  Ehh, I will post the invites later.


P.S. I uploaded this on Pinterest.

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