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Easy Damask Decor

31 Mar

I am trying to finish decorating my damask themed bedroom and decided I needed some decorative vases to spruce up the place.  I wanted an easy, cheap project that I could finish quickly so I decided to use my old friends vellum and double-stick tape!  I bought two of these vases at the dollar store:

I googled “damask” and sorted through the images until I found one that I liked.  I copied it to a Word document and stretched it out as much as I could.  I printed out a test image to wrap around my vase and adjusted my image to fit perfectly around it.  Then I printed my final image out on a sheet of vellum I had laying around.  I did not bother trimming the excess, and as a result my vases have some added height!  I secured the edges with some double stick tape and this was the end result:

I had planned on filling the vase with some river rocks to weigh it down since I did not want my cat to knock it down, but alas I could not find my rocks.  😦  I had an LED votive I placed inside, and I love the soft glow produced by the vellum.

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