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Damask & Hot Pink Centerpiece

20 Mar

I found this DIY centerpiece on WeddingBee that I think is absolutely adorable!

Ribbon Printing Tutorial

20 Mar

During my research for cheap, easy DIY projects, I found a tutorial for ribbon printing.  Here is my first attempt at printing on ribbon:

All you need for this project is:

  • paper
  • ribbon
  • double stick tape
  • inkjet printer

Print out a test page of whatever you wish to print on the ribbon. Keep in mind that your text must fit whatever width of ribbon you have. Once you are satisfied with the text, place your ribbon over the text and attach to the paper with double stick tape.

Run the paper through your printer and be prepared to be amazed!

I would not recommend using mesh-y type ribbon (first ribbon), because the ink did not show up on it.  I was in a rush to get the project finished so I did not wash and iron my ribbon like the other tutorial suggested.  If you wish to iron your ribbon first, I’ve found that a hair straightener is a quick, easy way to iron your ribbon.

There are endless possibilities with totally customizable ribbon! The candle I used is from the dollar store. I wrapped it with a strip of cardstock and then layered the ribbon on top using double stick tape to secure it. It still needs further jazzing up, but thus far it is a dirt cheap element that can be added to any wedding, bridal shower, etc.

OSU Wedding Inspiration

20 Mar

My friend Bree is getting married next year and has decided to go with an Ohio State theme.  I have made it my mission to find a girly, classy inspiration for a wedding with this type of a theme. I have only found one wedding that fit the bill. If you find any other weddings that have a girly, classy football theme, please let me know!

Here is one example I found on Style Me Pretty:
Ohio State Buckeye Theme Wedding


20 Mar

I finally did it!  I have been putting off starting a blog, which should not be a surprise given the name of this blog.  I am a teacher by day, and a law student by night.  I do a lot of web-surfing during my evening classes (I know, I should be paying attention) and figured I could do something productive while I procrastinated.  I love crafting, scrapbooking, cardmaking and any other kind of “pretty-fying” of things.  I find looking at other people’s ideas to be a jumping off point for things I would like to do.  I also have an unprecedented number of friends that are getting married (all of two), so I have been on a greater, more frequent quest for all things DIY.  My posts will more than likely focus on wedding ideas, but I also plan on posting some of the crafts that I’ve worked on.  I’m very excited to finally be doing something I’ve thought about and wanted to do for a long time!

P.S. I might occasionally throw in a picture or two of my adorable Sphynx kitty, Princess Dee.  🙂

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